Legal Information

Maintaining transparent business practices is essential, and our modern terms of service, policies, and privacy and copyright documents serve as the foundation. We encourage you to review these documents at any time.

Our business, Source Expressions LLC, operating as Want Stickers, is governed by the terms outlined in our Terms of Service (referred to as the “Agreement”). Additionally, there are specific terms, conditions, rules, policies, and disclosures collectively known as “Additional Terms.” Please carefully review these Additional Terms as they are an integral part of the Agreement and become binding when you accept or engage with our services.

Terms & Conditions

The Terms of Service outline the rights, responsibilities, and limitations of both parties in relation to our Services.

Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy outlines details about the collection, processing, and sharing of personal data from individuals external to our organization.

Return & Refund Policy

We stand by our commitment to customer satisfaction with a straightforward return and refund policy that outlines the terms for refunds or reprints.

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