Who We Are

We are an experienced team of artists, makers, and doers striving to help your business grow. Focusing on communication with our customers to make their ideas come true. Providing high-quality products using unique and sustainable materials to promote a new view of the printing industry, as opposed to traditional print.

What We Do

We have a passion for printing, but more importantly we’re passionate towards people. We strive to setup our team with a continual learning program in our industry, as well as understanding of their personal goals. We like to believe we’re investing in people. Our customers get this same treatment as we look at ourselves as a tool that can be utilized to make their ideas come true.

With over ten years of experience we are continually learning ourselves. Which is why Want Stickers has partnered with Orion Products, Inc. bringing decades of business management. Allowing us to create the infrastructure needed to give you a platform that is easy to order. Allowing us to focus on innovation and optimization of our products and services.

Our Vision

Want Stickers was designed to create a bridge between small business commerce and online trade printing. We strive to give you the personal customer service that you expect to in your local small businesses in an online easy to order platform. With a scalable model to help as many people as we can with the power of print. Meeting your needs and delivering quality product is our number one goal. Whether you have no experience with ordering prints or are skilled enough to setup your own graphic designs, we are here to help.

Be Honest

Our way of business is to deliver an honest and transparent approach with our team and customers. This translates to how we do business with our customers. We strive to communicate with total honesty as to our product properties, pricing, and fulfillment.

Be Involved

We are strong believers that we are here to create a community not just customers. We have years of experience in building personalized customer relationships. So much so, that we sometimes skip email and just start texting our customers that we’ve built friendships with. We’ve done this by taking on any idea or unique projects that have been requested. This helps you get what you need while allowing us to expand our offering and services. Working with all types of businesses, organizations, and donate to non-profits.

Be Innovative

We are absolutely driven by and obsessed with innovation. Nothing is more rewarding than researching, planning and launching a new product, or finding more eco-friendly and sustainable products or printing technology. We do this by ambition and pushing ourselves to have a zero complacency rule. As we all now if you get too complacent you will lose creativity and innovative ideas. We are here to grow and help others with our experience.

Be Authentic

Our culture is built with our company vision and values, along with our team members goals. We build educational courses to allow our team to gain skills. We’ve seen and been a part of too many situations where employees are subject to rigid authority and misguided communication, rather than positive influence, open communication and transparency. Those situations lead to employees that are stagnate and have lost motivation to build their career, or have a sense of purpose. We don’t agree with that type of operation and want to build a culture that inspires to innovate, think creatively, and strive for perfection. With open discussion, opinions, suggestions, and sharing knowledge we believe everyone’s voices can be heard, and processes can be optimized.

Be Dynamic

Using the latest technology we can automate a lot of tasks that typically eat up time, and delay growth. Time is valuable and we prefer to utilize dynamic workflows both operationally and technologically to allow us to focus on our business and customers needs. So if you’re turned off by emails that seem like they are automated canned responses. Just know that we do it for your best interest to establish information of your inquiry. Thus, eliminating an email thread of 30 back and forth messages when it can be condensed to only a few with dynamic workflows.

How We Can Help

These are just some of our beliefs, but are constantly growing and adding to our values. Our team is confident and experienced to get you want you want. Whether your next project is as simple as sticker or sign printing, or complex as a facility makeover or trade show display we look forward to the opportunity.

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