Textured Wall Vinyl

Transform hard to stick surfaces in your home or office with fully customizable textured wall vinyl. Unique combination of vinyl and adhesive allows for a variety of application types that can be for short, medium, or long term use. Great for customizing any rough surface wall with custom shape logos, wall lettering, signs, or anything you can imagine!

  • Adheres to hard to stick textured surfaces
  • Creates a “painted on” look with advanced conforming material
  • Durable and weather-resistant indoor or outdoor
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    Fits Like a Glove On Rough Textured Walls

    Textured wall vinyl is specially designed to allow you to create stunning, vibrant wall graphics for almost any surface, even the hardest to stick ones. No more frustration over rough, bumpy, or heavily textured surfaces. Our high-quality graphic film can be applied to surfaces like brick, cinderblock, asphalt, tile, or concrete. At Want Stickers we can help you design and build eye-catching advertisements for your textured wall surfaces that are sure to get noticed. Say goodbye to boring bland walls forever with our easy and affordable conforming vinyl wall wraps.

    No More Worrying If Your Surface is Smooth

    It is no secret that wall wraps can transform any normal wall space into a beautiful, branded, advertising platform, but that is not all our superior textured wall vinyl can do. Our rough surface wall graphics offer a number of other advantages that make them an easy decision when shopping for decals to cover a hard to stick surface. One huge advantage is their long-lasting durability and ability to stick to almost all uneven surfaces with ease. Not to mention, this specialized vinyl material provides vibrant and crisp prints that appear almost painted on once your installation is complete.

    You also don’t have to be a licensed professional to install our textured wall vinyl. With our simple textured vinyl material installation is very similar to any other installation. Just follow our few simple installation steps and you will be on your way to bold and beautiful walls in no time.

    Our long term conforming vinyl type uses an advanced conforming vinyl that once applied looks like it has been painted on the surface. This type requires additional tools to conform to the surface by using heat. You will need a heat gun capable of reaching 700º-1000º F and a rough surface application roller that pushes the vinyl into the texture once heat has been applied. We recommend a professional installer in your area to install the long term conforming vinyl type.

    Our Want Stickers team is always here every step of the way to answer any questions you might have. We can even find installers nationwide to help with your installation.

    Textured Wall Decals Provide Unique Applications

    Wall vinyl that can conform to surfaces lends itself to a variety of uses. Feel free to get creative by layering additional signage products on or around your wall wrap. Even wrapping an entire wall area with conforming vinyl to have a full wall wrap or even exterior building wraps.


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