10 Clever Ways to Hang Vinyl Banners with Grommets

Vinyl Banner with Grommets on a Fence
Custom printed vinyl banners are perfect for capturing attention, whether for sales, sports events, or grand openings. Securing these banners can be challenging, but we've got you covered with various methods. Each method ensures your banner stays firmly in place and remains readable. Choose the best option for your environment and banner's longevity, and watch your message turn heads and drive engagement!

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Effective Ways to Affix Vinyl or Mesh Banners when Using Grommets

When it comes to getting your message out there, nothing beats the visibility and versatility of a quality printed custom vinyl banner. Whether you’re drumming up excitement for an upcoming sale, promoting a local sports event, or announcing a grand opening, these banners are like silent heralds that can capture attention from afar. But once you’ve got your eye-catching banner in hand, the next challenge is securing it firmly so it can withstand the elements and remain readable.

Fear not, because we’ve got some ingenious tips on how to affix your banner with grommets to posts or walls, ensuring your message stands loud and proud. This is different than pole pocket banners, which we’ll cover in another article.

1. Zip Ties: The Quick Fix

Zip ties are the unsung heroes of banner installation. Simply thread them through the grommets and around a post or railing, pull tight, and voila! Your banner is secure. They’re especially handy for temporary setups at events or promotions where speed is of the essence.

All that is required is to take a zip tie, thread it through the metal-reinforced holes known as grommets situated around the edges of the banner, and then find a suitable post or railing to attach it to. Wrap the zip tie around your chosen support, pull it tight to ensure that there’s no slack left, and there you have it – your banner is now secure and prominently displayed for all to see.

What makes zip ties particularly invaluable is their adaptability and ease of use in a variety of situations. They shine brightest in scenarios where time is limited, such as during the bustling setup phase of events or promotions. When every minute counts, these handy little tools allow for quick adjustments on the fly without sacrificing the stability of your display. Moreover, they’re quite versatile, which makes them exceptionally handy for those temporary setups where you need a trustworthy solution that can be implemented swiftly. Whether it’s for an outdoor fair, a trade show, or a local festival, zip ties provide a reliable way to ensure that your banners stay in place throughout the event, regardless of the weather conditions or the amount of foot traffic.

2. Bungee Cords

When you find yourself in an environment where the winds are particularly strong, utilizing bungee cords can be an incredibly effective way to secure your banners. Due to their elastic nature, these cords will enable your banner to have a range of motion that accommodates the forceful gusts. This is crucial because it diminishes the chance of the banner sustaining damage; traditional rigid fastening methods often lead to tears under such stressful conditions.

To install the banner with bungee cords, it’s quite simple. Attach the hooks through the grommets. They are typically placed around the edges of banners for this purpose. Once the hooks are in place, stretch the cords out and anchor them onto any nearby robust structure that can serve as a solid point of attachment.

The main advantage of using bungee cords is their rebounding capability. No matter how intense or unpredictable the wind becomes, your banner will be able to spring back into its original position after being disturbed by gusts. This resilience ensures that your banner remains visible and intact, effectively conveying its message without interruption. Remember, when it comes to outdoor advertising or displays, preparing for weather conditions with the right tools like bungee cords can make all the difference in maintaining the quality and longevity of your promotional materials.

3. Nylon Rope

Nylon ropes, indeed, have consistently proven their durability and versatility through countless applications across the years. These synthetic marvels are engineered to withstand a significant amount of wear and tear, making them an ideal choice for a majority of situations.

For setup, thread the rope through the grommet and proceed to tie the ropes securely to any stable fixture; this could be hooks or nails that are firmly anchored into walls, or perhaps sturdy posts that are deeply embedded in the ground. The inherent tensile strength of nylon ropes ensures that once they are knotted, the knot holds with remarkable tenacity.

This method of anchoring objects is timeless due to its simplicity and effectiveness. The reliable hold that nylon ropes offer makes them a go-to option not just for temporary installations that might only last for an event’s duration, but also for more permanent displays that are intended to endure through varying conditions over extended periods.

When securing a nylon rope to a fixed object, post, or nail, you can use several types of knots that offer reliability and strength. Here are some examples:

  • Clove Hitch – Ideal for securing a rope to a post, it’s simple to tie and adjust.
  • Bowline Knot – Known for creating a fixed loop at the end of the rope, it’s secure and easy to untie.
  • Round Turn and Two Half Hitches – Provides a strong hold by wrapping the rope around the post before tying the half hitches.
  • Taut-Line Hitch – Allows for adjustable tension on the rope, useful for varying tightness.
  • Figure Eight Knot – Creates a stopper knot or can be used to tie the rope to a post with added security.
  • Square Knot – Used for joining two ends of the rope together, it’s simple and reliable for temporary setups.
  • Sheet Bend – Effective for tying two ropes together, especially if they are of different diameters.
  • Timber Hitch – Excellent for securing a rope around a post, it’s simple and quick to tie.
  • Anchor Bend – Secure and ideal for tying a rope to a ring or post, known for its strong holding power.
  • Trucker’s Hitch – Useful for creating high tension, it’s perfect for securing loads or creating tight setups.

These knots ensure that your nylon ropes will hold securely, providing durability and reliability for both temporary and permanent installations.

4. Screws and Washers

For a more permanent display, screws and washers are your best bet. Place the washer over the grommet and drive the screw into a wall, plywood, brick/concrete, or wooden post. With this setup, your banner will remain undisturbed and prominently displayed until such time as you make the decision that it’s appropriate for a refresh or an update.

  1. Gather Materials Needed:
    • Screws
    • Washers
    • Drill with wood bit (for plywood), standard bit (for walls), or masonry bit (for concrete)
    • Measuring tape
    • Pencil
    • Level
    • Anchors (when dealing with heavier banners or extreme conditions)
    • Rope or cable ties (this step is optional but sometimes used as a final security measure)
  2. Choose the Right Location:
    • Select a suitable spot on the plywood, wall surface, post, brick, or concrete wall where the banner will be displayed.
    • Use a measuring tape and level to ensure the banner will be straight and evenly placed.
  3. Mark the Drill Points:
    • Hold the banner up to the wall and mark the positions of the grommets with a pencil.
    • Ensure the marks are level and evenly spaced to avoid any sagging or misalignment.
  4. Drill Holes for Wall Anchors:
    • Attach wood bit to your drill for plywood, a standard bit for other wall surfaces, or a masonry bit to your drill for brick/concrete.
    • Standard Surfaces – Drill holes into the marked points on the plywood or wall. The holes should be slightly smaller than the diameter of the screws to ensure a tight fit.
    • Concrete Surfaces – The size of the bit should match the size of the wall anchors (for concrete).
    • Drill holes into the marked points on the wall. The depth of the holes should be slightly longer than the length of the wall anchors.
  5. Insert Wall Anchors:
    • Insert the wall anchors into the drilled holes. Tap them gently with a hammer if needed to ensure they are flush with the wall surface.
  6. Attach Washers and Screws:
    • Place the banner against the wall, aligning the grommets with the wall anchors.
    • Insert screws through washers, then through the grommets, and into the wall anchors.
    • The washers will help distribute the load and prevent the grommets from tearing.
    • Tighten the screws using a screwdriver, ensuring they are snug but not overly tight to avoid damaging the banner or grommets.
  7. Secure with Rope or Cable Ties (optional):
    • For added security, you can use rope or cable ties.
    • Thread the rope or cable ties through the grommets and around the screws, then pull tight.
    • This step is optional but provides extra assurance that the banner will stay in place.
  8. Final Adjustments:
    • Check that the banner is level and taut.
    • Make any necessary adjustments to ensure it is displayed neatly.

Tips for Success:

  • Use the Right Tools: Make sure to use a drill with a masonry bit suitable for brick or concrete to avoid damaging your drill or the wall.
  • Proper Anchor Size: Choose wall anchors and screws that match the weight and size of your banner for maximum stability.
  • Weather Considerations: If the banner is exposed to extreme weather, check it regularly to ensure it remains secure and intact.

By following these steps, you can confidently hang your heavy-duty banner on brick or concrete walls, knowing that it will withstand various conditions and remain securely in place, delivering your message effectively.

5. Adhesive Hooks

Adhesive hooks are a dream for those who want a clean, tool-free installation. Stick them onto any smooth surface, hang your banner by the grommets, and you’re all set. They’re ideal for indoor use or short-term outdoor applications.

  • Plastic Adhesive Hooks:

    • Lightweight and versatile
    • Suitable for light to medium weight banners
    • Easy to remove without leaving marks
  • Metal Adhesive Hooks:

    • Stronger and more durable than plastic
    • Can hold heavier banners
    • Often designed with a more sleek and polished look
  • Clear Adhesive Hooks:

    • Blend seamlessly with any surface
    • Ideal for discreet hanging
    • Typically made from durable plastic
  • Reusable Adhesive Hooks:

    • Can be removed and repositioned multiple times
    • Ideal for temporary displays and frequent changes
  • Outdoor Adhesive Hooks:

    • Designed to withstand weather conditions
    • Strong adhesive suitable for outdoor use
    • Often made with UV-resistant materials
  1. Command™ by 3M:
    • Offers a wide range of plastic, metal, and clear adhesive hooks
    • Known for their strong hold and easy removal
    • Popular products include Command™ Medium Hooks and Command™ Outdoor Hooks
  2. VELCRO® Brand:
    • Provides adhesive-backed hook-and-loop fasteners
    • Reusable and adjustable
    • Great for lightweight banners and indoor use
  3. Scotch™ by 3M:
    • Known for their durable and strong adhesive hooks
    • Offers options for various weights and applications
    • Scotch™ Removable Hooks are popular for temporary displays
  • Surface Preparation: Clean the surface thoroughly before applying the adhesive hooks to ensure maximum adhesion.
  • Weight Limit: Check the weight limit of the hooks to make sure they can support your banner.
  • Indoor vs. Outdoor Use: Choose hooks designed for the intended environment, as indoor hooks may not hold up well outdoors.
  • Positioning: Plan the placement of your hooks to ensure your banner is hung evenly and securely.

By selecting the right type and brand of adhesive hooks, you can easily and effectively hang your banners without any tools, making your installation process quick and hassle-free.

6. Suction Cups: For Glass and Glossy Surfaces

Suction cups can be a game-changer for mounting banners on windows, mirrors, or other non-porous surfaces. Attach one to each grommet and press firmly onto the glass. This approach offers a neat presentation that’s perfect for storefronts and car dealerships.

  • Standard Suction Cups:

    • Basic round suction cups
    • Ideal for lightweight banners
    • Easy to apply and remove
  • Heavy-Duty Suction Cups:

    • Designed to hold heavier loads
    • Often feature stronger materials and larger diameters
    • Suitable for outdoor and long-term use
  • Twist Lock Suction Cups:

    • Feature a twist mechanism to lock the suction cup in place
    • Provide a more secure hold
    • Ideal for heavier banners and windy conditions
  • Suction Cups with Hooks:

    • Combine a suction cup with an attached hook
    • Great for hanging banners with grommets
    • Easy to reposition as needed
  • Suction Cups with Bolts:

    • Include a bolt or threaded post for attaching objects
    • Provide a strong, stable connection
    • Suitable for heavier banners and more permanent installations
  • Suction Cups with Clips:

    • Feature a clip for attaching banners or signs
    • Allow for easy changes and repositioning
    • Ideal for temporary displays
  • Reusable Suction Cups:

    • Made to be removed and reapplied multiple times
    • Perfect for temporary or seasonal displays
    • Retain suction power after repeated use
  • Surface Preparation: Clean the surface thoroughly before applying the suction cups to ensure maximum adhesion.
  • Weight Limit: Check the weight limit of the suction cups to make sure they can support your banner.
  • Positioning: Plan the placement of your suction cups to ensure your banner is hung evenly and securely.
  • Maintenance: Check the suction cups regularly to ensure they are still holding firmly, especially in outdoor or high-traffic areas.

By selecting the right type and brand of suction cups, you can easily and effectively mount your banners on windows or other non-porous surfaces, creating a professional and appealing display.

7. Velcro Straps

Velcro straps are a versatile option that allows for easy adjustments and removal. Wrap them through the grommets and back onto themselves for a snug fit. They work wonders for both indoor and outdoor settings where you might need to move your banner frequently.

8. Magnets

For metal surfaces, magnetic hooks provide a contemporary solution. They’re incredibly easy to reposition and leave no marks, making them suitable for vehicles or metal fixtures at trade shows.

9. Tape

Tape may not be the most visually appealing method, but when your options are limited, this might be the best choice. For better aesthetics, it is recommended to use clear tape or tape that matches the color of the surface where you’re affixing your banner. This helps it blend in seamlessly and avoid looking tacky!

10. Pipe and Drape: The Elegant Display

Using a horizontal pipe and drape system not only adds elegance but also ensures your banner hangs flat and unobstructed. Similar to how pole pocket banners are displayed, you can also do this with grommet banners.

Basically, you want to first hang your pipe from the ceiling with wire, or affix it to a wall surface. Then attach your grommeted banner to the pipe, and let it drape naturally. This method is fantastic for conferences, and retail.


Your custom printed vinyl banner deserves the spotlight, and with these ten innovative hanging methods, you can ensure it gets just that. From the simplicity of zip ties to the sophistication of a pipe and drape setup, there’s a solution for every scenario. Remember, the key is to choose the right method for your environment and your banner’s longevity. Now go ahead, make your statement, and watch as your message turns heads and drives engagement!


Absolutely! Many of these options, like zip ties, bungee cords, and Velcro straps, can be used repeatedly. Just make sure to store them properly after each use.

Adhesive hooks and suction cups are your go-to choices for damage-free installation. They’re strong enough to hold your banner yet gentle on surfaces.

Consider the weather conditions and the duration of the display. For long-term outdoor use, screws and washers or wall anchors are robust choices, while bungee cords and nylon ropes offer the necessary give for windy environments.

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