5 Key Benefits of Choosing a Print Company with Unlimited Free Proofs

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When choosing a print company, there are several factors to consider. One important aspect to seek out is the availability of unlimited complimentary proofs. This valuable perk can significantly elevate your printing experience. Allowing you to verify your prints will turn out the way you expect them to. Below you will find the main reasons unlimited graphic design proofs will ensure that your job will be a success.

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What is a Proof and How to Review it

A graphic design proof sent to customers for approval is a preliminary version of a design that is provided to the client before finalizing and printing. Typically, a design is already set up for print, we add any necessary shapes or cut details, and order item specs to the proof to confirm accuracy.

This proof serves as a representation of what the final printed piece will look like, allowing you to review and approve the design, or request revisions if needed. The proof includes the layout, colors, images, text, and other elements that make up the design.

Here’s what a typical graphic design proof may include:

  1. Layout: The arrangement of text, images, and other design elements on the page.

  2. Colors: The color palette used in the design, including specific color codes or Pantone colors.

  3. Print Specifications: Details about the print size, material, laminate, and any additional options that may have been selected.

  4. Disclaimers: Sometimes we may add disclaimers regarding the file resolution, object sizes, RGB to CMYK color conversion, etc. We highlight potential issues so that you are aware before proceeding.


Sending a proof to customers for approval allows them to ensure that the design meets their expectations, adheres to their brand guidelines, and is free of errors or issues before proceeding with the final printing. It’s an essential step in the design process to ensure client satisfaction and a successful final product.

What to Review

Here are some key points to consider when approving a proof for your graphic design:

  1. Print Specifications: Confirm that the print proof matches the specified print size, material/laminate type, and other printing requirements.
  2. Proofreading: Conduct thorough proofreading to catch any grammatical errors, punctuation mistakes, or formatting issues.
  3. Color Accuracy: Verify that the colors in the proof match the intended colors, checking for color consistency and vibrancy. If you need us to verify CMYK color values or Pantone colors we can certainly do this for you.
  4. Resolution and Quality: Confirm that all images and graphics are high-resolution and appear crisp and clear in the print proof. We will include a disclaimer if the graphics have low to medium resolution at the size ordered.
  5. Layout and Alignment: Check the overall layout, alignment, and spacing of elements to ensure they are visually balanced and aligned correctly.
  6. Conversion Accuracy: Ensure that the design includes everything that was in your initial upload. Sometimes file types may omit layers or elements when opening in our software.
  7. Graphic Objects: Ensure that the branding elements, including logos and brand colors, are correctly represented and prominently displayed.
  8. Additional Options: If the design includes any options that are particular to the product ordered are displayed. Verify that they are accurately represented in the proof.


By carefully reviewing these aspects of the print proof, you can ensure that the final printed piece meets your expectations and effectively communicates your message or brand.

How to Review

Here are some key points to consider when approving a proof for your graphic design:

  • Proofs are sent in PDF format and can be opened in your browser windows, or downloaded and opened in your computers PDF preview software.
  • Zoom in to closely inspect all areas of your design. You can zoom on most browser windows or open the downloaded proof file in any preview software.
  • Keep in mind that proofs are slightly compressed for email delivery, which may affect image clarity.
  • If you have concerns or notice any issues, please inform us. We’ll review and ensure your items print perfectly.

The 5 Main Benefits of Print Proofs

1. Allows for Adjustments

While we prefer to get print-ready designs that meet our size and recommended file requirements, we understand it’s not always possible. If your graphic designer is unavailable or you have limited software access, we’re here to help.

We can make simple adjustments to size, shape, and color, or verify certain aspects of your graphic design file.

We can also help add text to logos such as vehicle license numbers, phone numbers, website addresses, etc. If you know that you need adjustments when ordering, it’s recommended that you include instructions (text to add, font style, color, etc.) in the order notes section of the product or checkout page when placing your order.

Even with careful planning, there may be instances where changes or adjustments are needed after seeing the initial proof. A print company that offers unlimited free proofs allows for these modifications without any added expenses. This flexibility ensures that your final product accurately reflects your vision.

2. Ensures Quality

Quality assurance is paramount when it comes to any printed materials. By choosing a print company that provides unlimited free proofs, you have the opportunity to review and approve the final product before it goes to print. This ensures that everything looks just right and meets your expectations.

If you’re tackling a big project and want a physical proof (printed version) to check before we print everything, that’s no problem! Just tell us during the proofing stage, and we’ll send you a sample to review. Keep in mind, that this might add a few days for shipping and approval, so it’s not the best option for quick deadlines, or rush jobs.

3. Saves Money

Opting for a print company that offers unlimited free proofs can also save you money in the long run. Without this service, you may be required to pay extra for each proof, which can quickly accumulate costs. With unlimited free proofs, you have the freedom to make necessary adjustments without any additional charges.

4. Reduces Stress

The ability to request as many proofs as needed can significantly reduce stress throughout the printing process. You no longer have to worry about achieving perfection on the first try. Instead, you can take your time and meticulously review each proof until everything is precisely how you want it.

Please note that design modifications must remain consistent with the original order specifications. Significant changes to the design concept, size, product, or other details during the proofing process may require adjustments to the order or additional charges.

5. Guarantees Satisfaction

Lastly, a print company that offers unlimited free proofs demonstrates our commitment to customer satisfaction. They are dedicated to working with you until you are completely happy with the final product. This level of customer service not only ensures a high-quality outcome but also makes the entire printing process more enjoyable.

Conclusion: Get What You Want

In conclusion, choosing a print company that provides unlimited free proofs offers numerous benefits. From ensuring quality and saving money to allowing for adjustments and reducing stress, this feature enhances the overall printing experience. Additionally, it showcases the print company’s dedication to customer satisfaction. So, when selecting a print company, be sure to consider the advantages of unlimited free proofs.

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