Do I Need To Wait After Unboxing or Unrolling My Prints?

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Unrolling Large Vinyl Prints

Once you get your order, you might be eager to install it quickly. However, we suggest following these steps to make sure your items are ready for a successful installation. This is particularly helpful for large prints (around 4 feet or more). Even for smaller prints, you can still use this guide if you’re not sure.

1) Prepare Your Workspace & Surface

Clear the installation area of any obstacles or debris. Ensure that the Installation Surface and Workspace area near your surface where you’ll be installing the vinyl is clean, dry, and smooth.

Please read our surface preparation article if you are not familiar with installing vinyl. This will run through our recommendations for a clean workspace and necessary tools for installations.

2) Gently Unbox the Vinyl

Open the packaging with caution, taking care not to damage the vinyl inside. If there is protective bubble wrap that is taped close to your items, make sure to cut the tape carefully to not slice your items. If there are multiple panels, check that they are labeled correctly and in the proper order.

3) Lay Out the Vinyl

Unroll the vinyl print in a flat, smooth, and clean area. Typically when we ship many large items together, we will roll them on a core one by one. To unroll them easily, watch the video below. Low-quantity orders may not be rolled one by one.

Be cautious not to place the back side of your print (the back of the liner paper) on a dirty surface during cleaning or before installation. Putting the liner paper on a dirty surface can attract dust or debris, which might stick to the liner paper and compromise the cleanliness of your intended surface. This could nullify the entire cleaning process.

Make sure the surface is smooth and the print side (when facing down) does not slide around on the surface. If it does it may scratch the print side. Once the prints are laid flat, you may then lay them liner side down, or roll them back up individually to distribute or store for a later date.

4) Allow the Vinyl to Acclimate

Large vinyl prints may have been tightly rolled during shipping and may have hard curls at the ends (especially for thicker materials). Allow the material to acclimate to room temperature for a few hours before installation to prevent any distortion.

Sometimes, when a print is rolled for shipment and then laid flat, the vinyl might slip from the liner in certain areas, creating a small ripple or “tunnel” effect. This doesn’t mean your print is defective; it’s a common occurrence, especially with low-tack adhesives like our removable options. As long as you don’t leave it uncovered for extended periods, there’s no need to worry. Once you position it for installation and remove the vinyl from the liner, it will straighten out, and once installed, any ripples will be unnoticeable.

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