What is the difference between Portrait and Landscape orientation?

Knowing the difference between portrait and landscape is important when choosing your print sizes. Portrait orientation is taller than it is wide. If you need a print that is wider than it is tall landscape is the choice for you.

The distinction between portrait and landscape orientations in graphic design artboards pertains to their respective directions: Portrait stands vertically, while Landscape extends horizontally, influencing how viewers engage with your creation. This principle also applies to the setup of artboards in software editors like Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, determining the dimensions of your design space.

Portrait compared to landscape orientation

Adobe Illustrator

Artboard sizes can be adjusted when opening a new file, or by clicking on the Artboard tool, or using the shortcut Shift+O (then hit enter to bring up settings box).

Adobe Illustrator Artboard Tool in Panel

Adobe Photoshop

This is the same concept, but Photoshop requires you to adjust the image size or canvas size. These can be found on the top menu bar in the Image dropdown, or using the shortcuts below.

Photoshop Canvas Size Box
Canvas Size in Photoshop adjusts the artboard itself while keeping the graphics at their original size. This allows you to expand or shrink the artboard without affecting the size of your graphics.

Mac: Option + Cmd + C
PC: Option + Ctrl + C

Photoshop Image Size Settings Box
In Photoshop, changing the image size alters the entire artboard and adjusts the scale of your graphics accordingly.

Mac: Option + Cmd + I
PC: Option + Ctrl + I

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