Can I return or request a refund of my order if I just don’t like it?

Custom Prints

Unfortunately, because every order we print is 100% custom printed with the graphic designs you’ve provided, we do not offer refunds for custom printed items. Our team works very hard to ensure your satisfaction with the items prior to sending them into production. This is why we send digital proofs that require your approval prior to printing any item. We will do our best to add disclaimers if we spot potential quality issues.

Suspect Defects

If this was a defect in the material or the item doesn’t match your order proof, please send us a message and we will analyze the problem to determine if it is eligible for a refund, store credit, or reprint. You can refer to our return & refund policy for full information.

Sample Packs

We cannot issue a refund for the materials not working with the surface you are applying them to. This is why we offer free samples of our material offering to test prior to installation.

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