What are transfer sticker “inner picks”?

Learn how to count inner picks for vinyl transfer stickers to ensure accurate production. Understand the importance of these inner cuts, how to select the right options, and explore cost-saving alternatives like custom-shaped clear vinyl.

Counting Your Transfer Sticker Inner Picks

Inner picks refer to the portions of vinyl material that lie within the boundaries of a closed object or graphic element and require manual removal. For instance, consider the inner spaces of letters like “A” and “R,” represented by magenta shapes. These inner areas must be carefully picked out to achieve the desired design.

Transfer Vinyl Inner Picks

When preparing your graphic for upload, it’s essential to count the number of inner picks present. This count helps determine the appropriate option to select for your job, ensuring accurate production and application.

Selecting Inner Pick Option For Transfer Sticker Prints
When configuring your transfer sticker items there is a dropdown to select the number of inner picks in each of your designs.

In cases where your design contains a significant number of inner picks, opting for multiple inner cuts may become costly. As an alternative, consider printing your graphics on custom-shaped clear vinyl. This material offers a transparent background, mimicking the appearance of a transfer sticker while potentially reducing production expenses.

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