What is Pressure Sensitive Vinyl?

Imagine pressure sensitive vinyl like a super sticky sticker that’s activated when you press it onto surfaces. It’s the go-to for signs, decals, and labels because it’s easy to use – just peel and stick! This type of vinyl is used for a majority of our sticker adhesives, but primarily for all removable and permanent sticker options on our website.

Now, here’s the secret: when you press it down hard (or hard with a squeegee), you’re spreading the adhesive glue to the entirety of the contact areas of the surface. Allowing the adhesive to have a good bond with the surface area. Even if your surface is smooth and flat there may be areas that have micro dips or surface imperfections, which is why it is important to apply firm pressure.

One big advantage of pressure sensitive vinyl is its low initial tack, and easy to reposition if needed. This means that if you notice any issues while or after applying the sticker, you can peel it back and reposition it on most surfaces, then continue the installation. Once you’re satisfied with the placement, apply firm pressure to make sure the sticker sticks well to the surface. This will increase the adhesive bond from the sticker adhesive to the surface.

Because most of our adhesives have a low initial tack, the sticker might not feel completely adhered at first. Let it settle on the surface for a few hours, and like all adhesives, the bond will strengthen. Also, keep in mind that the bond can increase over time, especially in extreme temperatures. So, after a few years, even something initially considered removable might be harder to remove and could leave some adhesive residue behind.

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