Adhesive-Free Clings

Adhesive-free custom shape clings are a special and unique product that can be used in a wide variety of ways. Since they’re free of adhesive, they can be easily removed and repositioned. Some can even be removed and stored for later use.

  • Excellent for short term sales & promotions
  • Available in white or clear
  • Multiple material options
  • Cling on back side or front side options
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    Short-term Signage & Temporary Promotional Clings

    Adhesive-Free clings are an excellent way to make a statement without having to make a permanent commitment. Custom Shape Clings are ideal for promotional, seasonal, or short-term business advertising because they are easy to apply, remove, and reposition without leaving residue behind. These prints can be applied to smooth surfaces such as glass, some plastics, Formica, dry erase boards, and certain metal types.

    Maximize Your Exposure With Custom Shape Clings

    Choose from your choice of two material types. Both of which include white or clear background options. All of our clings are printed in vibrant full-color free custom shapes.

    Not For Moving Vehicles!

    Although clings are great for a wide variety of different uses, they are not recommended for vehicles unless you are choosing an inside mount option, or the vehicle is for display and will not be in motion. Since these clings are adhesive-free, they cannot be guaranteed to stay adhered to the surface if they are exposed to heavy winds, rain, or extreme temperatures. It is advised to only use our inside mount solution if your vehicle windows have not been tinted. Heavily tinted windows can make your prints difficult to see. Please shop our custom vehicle graphics for materials that are specific for vehicles.


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