Reusable Stickers for Aluminum Body Vehicles

Tired of those pesky, worn-out, falling off your vehicle magnets? Then we have the perfect solution for you. When magnets no longer work we must look to other technologies. Aluminum body stickers are a removable and reusable way of advertising on vehicle surfaces with ease. The best part is, they are much more affordable than traditional magnets and signs. With this repositionable adhesive solution, we can now get the benefits of a magnet, but with a material that will stick to aluminum body vehicles and not blow off in the wind.

  • Replaces problems caused by traditional magnets
  • Can be removed and reused hundreds of times with properly cleaned surface
  • Use material blank to cover up branding for HOA requirements
  • Full color, vibrant prints on white custom shape material
  • Available in any size & custom shape
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These fully customizable vehicle graphics and signs are simple to install, remove, and store away when they are not in use. Simply enter your size below to generate an instant quote. If satisfied you add your item(s) to the cart to proceed with checkout. We also offer traditional vehicle magnets for steel body vehicles If you are looking for that particular reusable option.

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    Customizable Vehicle Decals That Replace Traditional Magnets

    As a business owner, you probably use a company or personal vehicle to advertise, promote, and spread the word about your brand. This is not surprising because vehicle signage has been popular for many years throughout a wide range of companies, big and small. Mostly because it is a fast and affordable way to get noticed, while also helping your company look more professional at the same time.

    Over the past ten years, vehicle magnets have been one of the most popular options for branding vehicles, due to the fact that they can be removed and reused without damaging the paint. They also offer opportunities to smaller businesses that might use personal automobiles to have more flexibility with the less permanent option. That was until 2015 when Ford began transitioning all its mass-produced vehicles to a newer, lightweight, aluminum body. Many other vehicle manufacturers have followed suit as well (Range Rover, Jaguar, and Tesla to name a few). This meant some big changes for business owners because the once so popular “magnet advertisement” suddenly didn’t stick and required an upgrade. This is where our aluminum body reusable signs came into play. These vehicle signs are made from thin, fabric-based material with reusable adhesive backing. The result is a vehicle decal that is similar to the traditional magnet, only much more durable.

    Reusable & Removable Aluminum Body Vehicle Advertising

    Customize your vehicle graphics in any size, shape, and color you want to fit your needs. There is no limit to what we can help you create. These innovative vehicle advertising decals are the best and most affordable way to display company information on your aluminum body truck that can be installed and removed daily. Unlike old traditional magnets, you never have to worry about them flying off at high speeds or on the expressway. They are even durable enough to withstand harsh climates such as high heat, rain, wind, and snowstorms, and are even strong enough to be left on through the carwash. Installing these decals is a breeze with the revolutionary tear-resistance and crumple-proof adhesive. These unique vehicle stickers are continuing to set a new standard for vehicle branding that is becoming hard to beat.


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