Perforated See Thru Car Window Vinyl

Increase brand awareness with custom perforated vehicle window vinyl. See-thru window branding can help maximize your advertising visibility without ever limiting your view. Combine window perf with full or partial vehicle wraps for the ultimate branding package!

  • Display vibrant customized designs without obstructing vision
  • Perforated vinyl provides total visibility from inside the vehicle
  • Adheres to the exterior of the window (adhesive on backside)
  • Printed any size, shape, and color
  • Durable & weatherproof vinyl
  • Available in both 65/35 and 50/50 perforation patterns
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    Vibrant Window Advertising That Won’t Compromise Your View

    Utilize your car window space for customized advertising and promotions without sacrificing your safety or visibility. Perforated see-thru car window vinyl allows you to display full scale, vibrant graphics to people outside your vehicle, while still allowing those inside the vehicle to see out. This specialized perforated window film can be easily adapted to fit your needs and increase brand awareness all over the city. Investing in vehicle advertising is a fast and affordable way to generate an insane amount of exposure anywhere you go.

    Perforated Window Vinyl Shines Light On Vehicle Branding

    Transform your windows into prime advertising space by creating customized designs in a cost-efficient way with our perforated vehicle window graphics. These custom perforated car window decals create unique one-way visibility using micropuncture holes that allow one-way vision. This perforated vinyl pattern allows enough print surface area for your design to appear solid when viewing it from the outside but when viewed from the inside the window will only appear tinted and not lose its visibility. Perforated vehicle window film is intended for outdoor applications, which means it is durable and weatherproof. So, you will never have to worry if it can withstand the elements like UV rays, rain, or snow.

    *When selecting which perforated window vinyl is right for you, it is important to understand the difference. The first number represents the amount of printable space while the second number represents the amount of open space. Therefore, a sticker made from 65/35 perforated vinyl has a larger printable area but a less see-through area. While 50/50 is equal parts printable and see-through.


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