What Type Of Markers Can I Use For Dry Erase?

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Performance Guidelines

Recommended Markers For Custom Dry Erase Products

  • EXPO Low Odor
  • Crayola Dry Erase Crayon
  • Office Max
  • Bic Low Odor
  • Wipe-Off
  • Universal 43651
  • SRX Board Dudes
  • TUL OMO4112 Marks-A-Lot (Avery)
  • Quartet-Enduraglide


Markers are still wiped off easily after 3 weeks. High solvent markers like the original EXPO needed the help of the EXPO Dry-Erase board cleaner to remove after one week.

Things To Consider When Working With Dry Erase

When ordering our dry erase product you select an adhesive vinyl option, and we apply a dry erase over-laminate to the top of it. Allowing the product to have dry erase capabilities. Just like you see on dry-erase whiteboards the longer the marker is on the film, the harder it is to wipe them off. Over time some ghosting, especially with specific colors like red, is to be expected. This can be cleaned with dry erase board cleaner. Do not use detergents or spray cleaners like Fantastic® or Windex® to clean dry-erase surfaces.

Not all dry-erase pens are created equally! Therefore, the user is responsible for testing specific dry erase markers, which may or may not be on this list, for suitability. Customers are responsible for determining the markers removal characteristics when used in applications other than those listed specifically in this Performance Guide.

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