Will vinyl pull paint off of my walls when removed?

If you’re looking for vinyl that won’t damage walls make sure to select our “removable” vinyl option. Which should not cause any damage to walls or pull paint during removal. It’s recommended to allow two weeks or more for fresh paint to cure before installing custom graphics.

In a majority of cases removable adhesives will not damage the paint upon removal, however, some low-quality wall paints or walls that have not used a quality primer may not have a clean removal which is why we offer samples to test on an inconspicuous area of the wall. Even with that though the bond may increase over time.

It’s also recommended to know what type of paint is used on your wall to ensure vinyl adhesives will adhere to them. Paints that have high levels of VOCs may prevent the sticker adhesive from bonding effectively.

The removable “premium” option does have a stronger tack than the “standard” type.

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