Carpet Floor Vinyl Decals

You’ll find the best exposure is by advertising on your floors! Carpet can be a great space to place wayfinding signs, branding, or event information. Create fully customizable carpet floor vinyl decals specialized for commercial carpets. Removable and meant for short term use. For long-term high tack adhesive on carpets please contact us for special request options.

  • Works best with low pile carpet
  • Easy to remove material
  • Fast and simple to install
  • Great for events or tradeshows
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Make A Bold Statement With Specialty Floor Designs

Carpet floor vinyl decals are a unique advertising tool perfect for events, trade shows, and pop-up retail. This product is specially designed for temporary on-floor decals, signs, and marketing on short, tight-weave commercial carpets. Specialty adhesive allows for simple installation and removability. If you are searching for temporary decals, graphics, or floor signs that will help set your message apart from all the others, these short-term use stickers are sure to do the job.

Easily show off your brand and draw more attention to your products or service using these innovative carpet floor advertising signs. Use carpet decals to create stunning graphics for your next trade show or marketing event that will turn heads and make a bold statement to any potential customer.

Bring New Life to Any Event with Carpet Floor Vinyl Decals

Carpet stickers are best used for marketing purposes on short nap commercial carpets. Although they can also be used on longer shag carpets, they will affect their lifetime and durability. Carpet stickers and decals contain an adhesive that is a higher tack than traditional hard surface floor decals because carpets have lower surface energy, meaning the sticker has less to grab onto. For this reason, carpet signs are meant mostly for short-term use and will generally last for a few weeks, depending on foot traffic.

Floor Materials

All types are not recommended for poorly sealed concrete. Please request a sample to test on your surface prior to ordering if you are unsure.

Removable and Repositionable Textured Floor Vinyl

Can be repositioned and reused a few times based on how well the surface was prepped prior to installation, and storage of the removed print. We cannot guarantee how many times, but on most surfaces, it can be reused a few times.

  • 12 mil matte white textured vinyl with textile reinforcement and acrylic solvent repositionable, removable adhesive
  • Designed for short-term floor and wall graphics on carpet, tile, wood, concrete, metal, glass, and painted surfaces
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications
  • Slip Rating ANSI A137.1/A326.3, 67212F and R12 certified


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