​Can reusable stickers or magnets be used to cover up existing graphics on my vehicle?

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Finding the correct material to use

The quick answer is yes! However, it is important to find the right material for your purpose. We offer a couple of types of materials that can be used to create cover-ups.

Vehicle Magnets

This is the best type because vehicle magnets will provide a very long life being able to be removed and applied daily. This material has a matte finish. If you are trying to match the color of a vehicle, and your vehicle has a glossy finish, it may be hard due to the matte material absorbing some of the ink. The contrast between a glossy vehicle and a matte print will be noticeable but is often ignored since the function of the sticker is the primary goal.

  • Ideal for long-lasting use, allowing daily removal and application.
  • Matte finish, which may absorb some ink, making color matching challenging, especially on glossy vehicles.
  • Notable contrast between glossy vehicles and matte prints, but functionality takes precedence.

Reusable Stickers For Aluminum Body Vehicles

Our reusable vehicle stickers provide a great alternative for vehicles that magnets do not cling to. This is a thick material, so handling is very easy and if treated with care, they can last a very long time with removal and reapplication.

This type has a slightly textured semi-gloss finish, and color matching can be close, but as mentioned above it may be hard to match a vehicle that has a very glossy finish, and is primarily the reusable aspect that is the key feature.

Many customers use it for covering up and are satisfied with a similar color match, primarily focusing on the functionality of the sticker. Commonly, for work areas that specific branding may or may not be required to display, or HOA requirements that do not allow for advertising on vehicles while parked in your driveway. It serves as a reusable coverup option for vehicles where magnets don’t adhere.

  • Excellent for vehicles that magnets don’t adhere to.
  • Thick material ensures easy handling and long-lasting use with careful removal and reapplication.
  • Slightly textured semi-gloss finish, offering close color matching, mainly prioritizing reusability.

Standard Removable or Permanent Vinyl

These options can be found in almost all of our products. These materials have a gloss coating, allowing for us to print an accurate and wide color gamut. Color matching can be easier, but these materials are meant for one-time application, and in most cases, they cannot be reused after removal. There are three types of UV laminate finishes available for this vinyl type as well. Gloss, Semi-Gloss, and Matte.

  • Available in various products with a gloss coating for accurate and wide color gamut printing.
  • Easier color matching, but designed for one-time application; often cannot be reused after removal.
  • UV laminate finishes include Gloss, Semi-Gloss, and Matte options.

Color Matching

Frequently, we are asked if it’s possible to match the color for a cover-up sticker or the background color for a print. We have a few options to get a close match, but may not be identical without professional color matching.

Please provide well-lit close-up photos, or vehicle information (year, model, paint color name, etc.), and we can either print with our closest match or create sample prints with swatches, and send them to you to compare and find the closest color match.

How To Order

If you need your color to be matched you can send us an email to start the process, or you can incorporate the color you need in the background of your design file.

If you cannot create your graphics, or need a solid color with not graphic design. Please include detailed notes for the color or CMYK color values.

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