Transfer Floor Decals

Vinyl transfer floor decals create a seamless and professional look that can really put your floors to work. Cut to the edge of your graphics, logo, or lettering. Leaving no background shape after they are installed. All produced and shipped with transfer tape applied to the front of the cut vinyl, holding it all together to install as a single piece. Then tape is removed after installation.

  • Great for marketing or advertisements
  • Comes shipped with transfer tape applied for easy installation
  • Multiple material options
Product Options

Transfer stickers are complex cut vinyl shapes and letters that take meticulous cutting and finishing techniques to process. Please refer to our transfer sticker requirements and make sure your vector graphics have all shapes at least .08″ thick and all empty gaps meeting the .06″ gap requirement. If not, our design team will still check to see if there is an option or workaround to making your transfer decal job come to fruition.

Transfer stickers for floors are meant for smooth surfaces. In some cases, you may get this product type to work on rough or textured surfaces, but not recommended.

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Transfer floor decals are an excellent way to specialize in this new form of advertising

The vinyl floor graphics market is growing every day with new ideas and material improvements. These cut vinyl floor stickers are simple to install and are ideal for almost any location with smooth, nonporous flooring.

This type of print is cut directly to the artwork. Shipped with transfer tape (also referred to as transfer paper or pre-mask), to allow you to install as one piece. The purpose of the transfer tape is to hold the vinyl decals together in their position. Then once installed, the tape is removed and only the vinyl is left on your floor, resulting in vinyl graphics on the surface with no background. All that remains once these transfer decals are installed is a smooth, clean appearance that sticks great.

Just like all of our custom floor decals, these are slip-resistant and come in a number of multiple adhesive options for long or short-term use. Our high-quality floor graphics are printed using durable materials and laminates that keep the inks looking vibrant and new. These transfer floor stickers are sure to leave a lasting impression on any customer that comes through your store.

Stop Customers In Their Tracks

A reason that ground-level advertising is so effective is that most people naturally put the focus where they are walking. So why not use vinyl floor decals to transform your floors and send a message to all your customers as they shop?

Since these decals are durable and slip-resistant, they are perfect for a number of different businesses, such as retail and grocery stores, shopping malls, nightclubs, airports, sporting events, or even manufacturing warehouses.

Transfer floor decals come in handy for advertising. However, they do provide many other purposes. Such as, being used to provide directions and way-finding for your company or event. Directional signs and arrows are popular and effective. Our high-quality vinyl floor decals look clean and elegant anywhere you choose to install them.


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