Why is the vinyl not sticking to my wall?

Facing Adhesion Challenges: Understanding the Impact of New Paint Formulations

In today’s installation landscape, adhesion problems with graphic films and painted surfaces have become a major concern for installers. The main culprit? Changes in paint formulations, specifically the rise of low VOC paints mandated by environmental regulations. While these eco-friendly paints benefit the environment, they pose challenges for film adhesion due to their unique chemical composition. Despite efforts by film manufacturers, installers continue to face frustrating scenarios where films fail to adhere properly, leading to wasted time and resources.

We would hate to have you install a print on your wall, only to arrive the next day with it lying on the ground. Therefore, several reasons can cause issues with vinyl stickers sticking to a wall and we’ve listed them below along with the VOC disclaimer:

  1. Surface Cleanliness: If the wall surface is dirty, dusty, or oily, it can prevent the sticker adhesive from bonding properly. It’s recommended to follow our surface preparation guide. For optimal results, consider cleaning the wall twice with a mixture of 70 percent isopropyl alcohol and 30 percent water, this can significantly enhance adhesion for most wall films applied to painted surfaces.
  2. Surface Texture: Uneven or textured walls may not provide a smooth enough surface for the sticker adhesive to adhere effectively.
  3. Moisture: Excessive moisture on the wall or humidity can interfere with the adhesive’s ability to bond, leading to poor adhesion.
  4. Temperature: Extreme temperatures, either too hot or too cold, can affect the adhesive’s performance, causing the sticker to fail to stick properly.
  5. Paint Type: Some types of paint, such as low-VOC or non-VOC paints, may not provide enough surface texture or adhesion for vinyl stickers.
  6. Surface Contaminants: Residues from previous stickers, paints, or other contaminants on the wall surface can prevent the sticker adhesive from bonding effectively.
  7. Improper Application: Incorrect application techniques, such as not pressing the sticker firmly enough or failing to remove air bubbles, can result in poor adhesion. Most of our materials are pressure-sensitive vinyl.

Addressing these issues, such as ensuring a clean and dry surface, smoothing out any air bubbles during application, and using appropriate adhesive techniques, can help improve the adhesion of vinyl stickers to walls.

Our vinyl sticker installation guide will demonstrate proper techniques to provide a bubble-free installation.

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